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Marlin is the preeminent provider of credit products and services to small businesses nationwide, delivering exceptional value and service to our customers, creating a rewarding environment for our employees and generating superior returns for our shareholders.

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Your recent workout left you sweating buckets — that means it was great, right? Not necessarily. “Sweat is not always a great indicator of how good your workout was,” says Jessica Matthews, the American Council on Exercise ‘s Senior Adviser on Health and Fitness. Then there’s the common misconception that how much you sweat determines the amount of calories you’ve burned — which is not always the case.

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First, a lesson on why you’re dripping (or staying pretty dry): “ Sweating is one way your body prevents itself from overheating,” explains Matthews. When you exercise, your body literally heats up, stimulating your sweat response. Then, as sweat evaporates off your skin into the air, you cool yourself down.

But it’s important to remember that each person is unique. “Some people can be really sweaty even if they’re not being very physically active, [whereas] someone else can go to the gym for 60 minutes and look like they barely stepped out of the house,” explains Matthews.

And how much you sweat, or what’s referred to as your rate of sweat, is determined by a slew of factors including temperature, humidity, and even how fit you are. Generally, more physically fit people sweat sooner because their bodies’ thermoregulation — aka air conditioning — system turns on faster. But that’s not always the case: So don’t sweat not sweating just yet.

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Does Sweating More Help You Burn More Calories?

Because we often associate sweat with exercise, it’s easy to assume the two are related. “The truth is, no matter how much or little you sweat, it doesn’t always correlate to calories burned or how hard you’re working,” Matthews says.

Take a hot yoga class or an outdoor run on a scorching day, for example. Odds are, after you’ve finished, if you step on the scale you’ll notice you’re a few pounds down. Keep in mind that’s water weight — not fat — and is only a temporary loss. Once you rehydrate, you’ll gain it all back.

In one study , Colorado State University researchers found that in a 90-minute Bikram class, men burned around 460 calories, while women averaged 330. Far fewer than you’d think, right? That’s because heated classes are designed to improve muscle flexibility, not increase calorie burn. So while you may be sweating a lot more than you would in your typical power yoga class, you are likely burning less cals, since it’s a less rigorous form of yoga.

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Employees at Nationwide Children's Hospital have one central location for frequently used resources.

For Employees

Employees at Nationwide Children's Hospital have one central location for frequently used resources. Links to help make it easier when accessing your favorite tools. Bookmark this page and visit it often. Share this information with other employees and let us know what else you'd like to see. Email Mens Jaden Derbys Lloyd P3ssv
with your suggestions.

Shuttle Schedule

Employee Shuttle Schedules as of April 2018

Pay Stub Information

Access your current pay, payment history, and current tax information.

View Pay Stub

Employee Access to Desktop Software

Log in using your Nationwide Children's email and password. If you haven't registered with the employee portal already, you'll be asked to Platform Sandals smooth leather Stitching purple Sergio Rossi hjA7Fz
. *Please note, icons available vary based on the applications you have been assigned.

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Business Resources

Clinical Resources

Support Center Resources

Remote Access Resources



ReadySet is the data tracking system used by Employee Health. This system will:

Quick Reference Guides

The following guides are meant to provide the basic steps you need to utilize ReadySet in your role as an employee or manager:


NCH employees and managers should use this single-sign-on link:

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Volunteers, Crothall staff, Aramark staff, Affiliating dental assistants, or other non-employee or pre-employment persons:

Non-employee link


Q: What is new about this system?

A: ReadySet will provide a new tool for employees. In the "My Health" portal, you will be able to view your own employee health test results, appointments, and other information. Your old test data from the previous Employee Health system will be loaded into ReadySet in the near future, and may not be available immediately after ReadySet is launched.

Also, managers will now be able to view the compliance status of their direct reports for flu, TB, and other testing.

Q: How do I log in to ReadySet?

A: For most employees, you will use your normal NCH user name and password. Some special groups that are not maintained in Lawson, such as volunteers, will create their own user name and password.

Q: As a manager, do I have a "My Health" portal?

A: Yes. When you log in you will have the "My Health" tab, as well as "Supervisor" tab.

2018 Wellness Incentive Information

Club C 85 IT Trainers In Grey BS8255 Grey Reebok Wfnd8rNAx1

To learn more, check out the new online Charlotte Olympia Woman Embroidered Polkadot Leather Slippers White Size 37 Charlotte Olympia liLgU4ncMx
titled “2018 Open Enrollment Information.”

Personal Health Assessment

To earn a $25.00 per pay medical premium discount on the medical premium from January to April 2018, the employee and insured spouse must complete a Personal Health Assessment by January 23, 2018.

Complete Your Personal Health Assessment (PHA) on Diving sneaker Blue Lanvin U1SIwnr5d

Biometric Screening (Metabolic Syndrome Screen)

To earn a $25.00 per pay medical premium discount on the medical premium from April-July 2018, the employee and insured spouse must complete a Personal Health Assessment by February 25, 2018.

Complete a Biometric Screening at one of the NCH onsite locations or submit a Physician Biometric Screening Results Form. (You must use the 2017-2018 form.) Click here for the form .

To Schedule Your Screening: (for both employees and insured spouses)


Tobacco Surcharge

A negative cotinine (nicotine) test result for both the employee and insured spouse must be received by Employee Wellness in order to avoid a $40.00 per pay Tobacco Surcharge. If a negative result was submitted to Employee Wellness in the past, you do not need to retest or resubmit your result.

Employees hired in 2016 or 2017 can find their Cotinine Test Result from their New Hire Screening by logging into Ready Set linked from Anchor. Print and fax your result to Employee Wellness. (614-355-4298) OhioHealth’s Biometric Screening will offer cotinine testing as well if you, as the spouse, need to test this year. (You can attend any onsite screening to complete the cotinine test.)

For more information about the Tobacco Surcharge, testing with your own physician, how to re-test at any time throughout the year, and how to complete a Tobacco Cessation Program to avoid the Tobacco Surcharge, review the information on Wellness Matters .

Print and save your “Certificate of Completion

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