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Tiered Printed Silk Maxi Dress - Black Dodo Bar Or ZjrYHO
Tiered Printed Silk Maxi Dress - Black Dodo Bar Or
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Being around people who share our goals or care about the same stuff makes us feel more secure and happy about our decisions. Many companies invite visitors to join the family and receive exclusive personalized offers. Other variations include: “Join X amount of people”, “Join our exclusive mailing list to gain…”, etc.

Skimm is probably one of my favorite examples as it utilizes quite a few techniques:

2. Scarcity – This strategy capitalizes on “ loss aversion ”, an emotional trigger or cognitive bias that takes advantage of people’s tendency to prefer avoiding losses than acquiring gains. People just don’t want to miss out, so by letting potential customers know that they could be losing out on something special, you can increase signups dramatically.


Examples include: “Don’t lose this last minute sale” or “Just 5 items left in stock” and “For 24 hours only”. All these examples affect customers in a way that increases conversion rates. In fact, this bias is so strong that many people testify they buy products they weren’t even considering buying.

The foundation of marketing is the process of identifying, meeting, and satisfying customer wants and needs. Whether it’s to feel part of a community or boost our self-esteem, everything we buy in life has an emotional reason to it. In order to meet customers’ needs, you must dig deeper and start testing different emotional triggers to identify what drives their actions.

To get you started with emotional targeting, I’ve mapped out the 3 basic pillars you should follow. When launching a campaign, always check you’ve accounted for all 3 pillars:

1. Making it about the customer – The first (and most important) pillar of emotional conversion optimization is making all designs and strategies about the customer. Essentially it’s the difference between “This is what we do / this is our product / this is why we are the best” and “Here’s how your life is going to change for the better”.

Making it about the customer

The landing page below highlights the usability of the product:

Our new variation presents what customers can personally achieve:

Making it about the customer is all about highlighting the customer’s personal benefit and value.

2. Show it, don’t just say it – It’s not enough to just tell people how their lives are about to change, you have to make them feel it. Our brains comprehend images far faster than text, which is why listing all your features and benefits won’t work as well as making people feel the value with your images, colors, and design.

Show it, don’t just say it

Take Piktochat for example (again). We don’t just say “Make Impressive Infographics”, we make people feel it’s as easy as magic with our main image. The second variation we created still featured the product, but the end result (the amazing infographics you could be creating).


Applies to CLI v2.

It's usually necessary to apply an opinionated set of structural changes to a YAML document (manifest, cloud config, etc.) before submitting it to the CLI commands ( bosh create-env , bosh deploy , etc.) for processing. Such changes could be an addition or removal of certain job properties, instance groups, changes to property values.


Replacing values such as passwords and certificates is not considered a structural change. Refer to CLI variable interpolation for details.

To get a final YAML document one can apply desired changes once and save the result; however, over time it may become harder or just tedious to reapply these changes if base document changes. Additionally if it's necessary to have multiple slightly different changes on top of the base document for different teams existing editing tools may not be enough. To make such workflows easier you can encode a set of changes into one or more operations file.

A single operation represents a single change. An operations file is a YAML document that contains multiple operations that are to be applied serially to a different YAML document. Instead of storing all operations in a single file, they can be grouped logically into many operations files.

Several CLI commands such as create-env , deploy and interpolate allow to provide operations files via --ops-file flag to be applied before processing the document.


Following is an operations file ( replace-name.yml ) with a single operation that replaces value of top level key name with a string other-cf :

Given base YAML document ( base.yml ):

Result of applying above operations file to the base YAML document would be:

That could be demonstrated with the help of bosh interpolate command whose purpose is to simply apply operations files to base document and print the result:

Each operation acts on a location within a YAML document. Path represents a location. It's important to note that path (location) does not represent what operation will be performed, just like lat long do not represent what happens at a physical location.

Here are some path examples:

All paths follow these rules:

Paths can have multiple components separated by a /

Paths always start at the root of the document with a /

String components typically refer to hash keys (ex: /key1 )

Integer components refer to array indices (ex: /0 , /-1 )

Array index selection could be affected via :prev and :next (as of CLI v2.0.40+)

Array insertion could be affected via :before and :after (as of CLI v2.0.40+)

Illustration by Grace StretchCrepe Midi Dress Joseph MJARy1Fe4j

by Aarron Walter Published in Workflow Tools , Womens Womens Rockstud PVC Slide Sandals Valentino KNqx6y
, User Research

Over the past six years, as I’ve built a UX team from a solo practice to a team of 11, I’ve seen how design research can greatly influence product development. Early on, we had little time for customer interviews or usability tests. We were mostly shooting from the hip, listening to customer support, and revising on the fly.

A Book Apart: Brief books for people who make websites.

An Event Apart: 3 days of design, code, and content for web UX designers devs.

We now do scores of usability tests, user interviews, and competitive analysis, and we create detailed reports summarizing our findings. But this brought us to a new problem: without a way to preserve and combine our results, our insights quickly slipped into the hazy distance as documents got lost on a hard drive, or ignored by someone in a different department.

We ended up living in a Groundhog Day research loop, asking the same questions and rarely building upon what we already knew.

Now we need connections—a way to pull together disparate data points, qualitative and quantitative data, and long histories of research into a central clearinghouse that can be shared, searched, and maintained by different teams. After years on a research treadmill, that’s exactly what we’ve started doing at MailChimp—and far from being just a data solution, open access to this information has strengthened the connections between teams, and supported a general culture of inquiry.

It all started with a personal crisis.

A moment of crisis #section1

Customer feedback streams into my inbox in spades from a form on the MailChimp website . Hundreds of emails offer ideas for new features or ways to make things better. I love reading them, but last summer I started to feel overwhelmed. I was reading hundreds of emails daily, many of which had useful feedback, but weren’t worthy of adding to our roadmap. Maybe down the road an issue would reach critical mass, but until then they sat in limbo.

It was choking my productivity, and making my head spin. A friend of mine who’s helped many people tame their inbox and prioritize their work life recommended I simply nuke all of the emails and shut down the form. “If you can’t process the information, then stop wasting your time!” But my gut told me there was value in the feedback; I just wasn’t sure how to use it.

The great couturière Coco Chanel was a major figure in fashion at the time, as much for her magnetic personality as for her chic and progressive designs. Chanel helped popularize the bob hairstyle, the little black dress, and the use of jersey knit for women's clothing; and also elevated the status of both costume jewelry and knitwear.

Two others prominent French designers of the 1920s were Jeanne Lanvin and Jean Patou . Jeanne Lanvin, who began her career in fashion as a milliner, made such beautiful outfits for her young daughter Marguerite that people started to ask for copies, and Lanvin was soon making dresses for their mothers. Lanvin's name appears in the fashion yearbook from about 1901 onwards. However, it was in the 1920s that she reached the peak of her popularity and success. The Lanvin style embraced the look of the time, with its skillful use of complex trimmings, dazzling embroideries, and beaded decorations in light, clear, floral colors that eventually became a Lanvin trademark. By 1925 Lanvin produced many different products, including sportswear, furs, lingerie, men's fashion, and interior designs. Her global approach to fashion foreshadowed the schemes that all the large contemporary fashion houses would later adopt in their efforts to diversify. The style of Jean Patou was never mainstream, but full of originality and characterized by a studied simplicity which was to win him fame, particularly in the American markets. Many of his garments, with their clean lines, geometric and Esplar Rubber Sole Velcro Leather Trainers Veja efpijyC7o
motifs, and mixture of luxury and practicality, were designed to satisfy the new vogue for the outdoor life, and bore a remarkable similarity to modern sportswear. The most famous advocate of his style was Court Classic SL/06 sneakers Brown Saint Laurent 3EyRVTj2w
, the legendary tennis champion.

In menswear there was a growing mood of informality, among the Americans especially, which was mirrored in fashions that emphasized youthfulness and relaxation. In the past, there was a special outfit for every event in the well-dressed gentleman's day, but young men in the 1920s, no longer afraid to show their youthfulness, began to wear the same soft wool suit all day long. Short suit jackets replaced the old long jackets of the past which were now only worn for formal occasions. Men had a variety of sport clothes available to them, including sweaters and short pants, commonly known as knickers. For evening wear a short tuxedo was more fashionable than the tail-coat, which was now seen as somewhat old-fashioned. The London cut, with its slim lines, loose-fitting sleeves, and padded shoulders, perfected by the English tailor Scholte, was very popular.

Womens Print Crinkle Trousers Simply Be 0U0qTT7Gx
patterns became very popular for both sexes. Heels, at the time, were often over two inches high and helped popularize the two-tone shoe its one of her trademarks. DENIM Denim trousers Escada cX36yUMyx
and André Perugia were two of the most influential and respected designers in footwear. Many stars of the [silent film]s had a significant impact on fashion during the 1920s, including Leather Sneakers for Women On Sale White Leather 2017 75 Premiata 7.5 Premiata Sneakers for Women On Sale 2017 uwTwag3tO
, Gloria Swanson , and Colleen Moore . The lighthearted, forward-looking fashions of the 1920s gradually came to halt after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 , and succumbed to a more conservative style. While the flapper look persisted into 1930, it quickly disappeared afterwards, although bell-shaped hats lasted through 1933.

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